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GovQuote was founded by B2G leaders and public procurement experts with decades of experience in government contracting. Starting with the idea that the RFQ (request for quote) process could be streamlined using a smart, technology-driven system, GovQuote cuts out costly, unneeded features, keeping only what really matters — an easy way to sell to the government market.

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Thousands of agencies are saving time and money with GovQuote.

“GovQuote is so convenient because I can request quotes, talk to companies and have the audit record all in one place. I just have to request a quote once and wait for the great prices to roll in!”

Liz Brager

Purchasing Agent

Kennewick School District

William Planas


Miami-Dade College

“There’s practically no wait time when it comes to receiving responses from vendors and getting quotes on the platform. Turnaround times have decreased, lines of communication have been strengthened, and wait time has significantly decreased.”

“My first experience with GovQuote was positive. What a welcome relief to know that someone’s got public procurement’s back. The platform looks terrific, and has great potential to increase the effectiveness of all public procurement staff. Check it out!”

Jules DeGiulio

Purchasing Administrator

Umpqua Community College

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