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June 2019

An Introduction to Sustainable Procurement Practices


If there is one constant in the world of procurement, it’s change. Between the digitalization of purchasing strategies and the trend of lowering Simplified Acquisition Thresholds (SATs), government agencies are finding more ways to improve the complex practices of the past. The move towards sustainable procurement is yet another step [...]

An Introduction to Sustainable Procurement Practices2019-06-20T19:48:12+00:00

Mind Your Ps and Qs: RFP vs. RFQ


Whether you’re a small-business owner new to the public market, or you’re a long-time veteran of government service, choosing the correct procurement strategy can be tricky. That’s especially true when the most-discussed methods are just one letter apart: RFP, and RFQ. That’s a Request for Proposal, or a Request for [...]

Mind Your Ps and Qs: RFP vs. RFQ2019-06-06T15:39:45+00:00