It’s almost time for the holidays, and government agencies are about to cut back on spending. While many vendors treat this as a slow period, there are a few ways to set your company up for future success during the holiday season.

The first is to stay connected. Even if you are not currently making any transactions, it may be a good idea to stay in touch with government agencies whom you have done business with in the past. Give them a call, leave a message or send an email to check satisfaction on past business or even discuss potential future deals. GovQuote makes it easy to stay connected by providing an online messaging platform directly connected to quote requests sent out by government agencies.

Another way is to research your competitors. While things slow down during the holidays, use this time to take a look at what other companies in your field of business have been doing to get agencies to buy from them. Using GovSpend, you can view other prices being offered to agencies for the same products or services you are selling. Companies like Virgilio and Associates use historical data to gain a competitive edge in the government market.

Using information from these methods or others, reflect on your own market strategies and work on strengthening the weak points. Often times with selling to the government, small businesses can’t afford to pay the fees associated with quoting services, making it hard to compete with larger companies. GovQuote is the only free service that evens the playing field, giving all businesses an equal chance to win more government business and grow their client base.

GovQuote is the first fully web-based platform to connect government agencies and private companies on the largest, fastest, and most user-friendly request for quote (RFQ) marketplace. GovQuote is revolutionizing public procurement by providing an online marketplace where State, Local, and Education (SLED) agencies obtain quotes by reaching thousands of qualified companies competing for government business. Using powerful smart technology to cut out costly and outdated procurement methods, GovQuote saves organizations countless hours and millions of dollars, all with full compliance, facilitating crystal-clear transparency in the public sector while leveling the playing field for small and disadvantaged businesses.