Technology is changing rapidly, so what can public procurement departments do to make sure their organizations aren’t stuck with outdated equipment? Government agencies in the state, local, and education (SLED) market typically use the request for proposal (RFP) process when buying new computers, tablets, and other technology because the cost is over their RFP thresholds, meaning the requests must go out to bid.

While RFPs are traditionally the standard for a wide range of government purchasing needs, they are far from the best choice when procuring technology. This is mainly because RFPs consume a considerable amount of time and resources. Between preparing the RFP, sending it out to vendors, waiting for responses, and finally awarding a contract, it  may be 6 months to a year before any progress is made. Plus, this doesn’t even factor in errors, miscommunication, and other delays that slow the RFP process down to a crawl.

Obviously, this is not ideal when attempting to keep up with the latest technology. With new and improved components replacing the old and obsolete, sometimes in as quickly as a few months, buyers need a better, faster way to procure IT. Fortunately, there is a solution. With the increasing demand for IT in government, RFP thresholds have been steadily moving upward, such as in the State of Arkansas. As a result, fewer procurements are required to go through the process.

This gives public purchasing departments the opportunity to obtain, and keep up with, the latest technology more effectively using requests for quote (RFQs). Unlike RFPs, RFQs move quickly and are easy to prepare. Online platforms, such as GovQuote, are also now available for requesting quotes with maximum efficiency and transparency. User-friendly, web-based government marketplaces are becoming the new standard because they give purchasing departments the power to do more with less.

Over 80% of government spending occurs below the RFP threshold, and with those thresholds on the rise, more agencies are turning to the RFQ for their IT procurement needs. For information on how your agency can join the #1 online RFQ marketplace (100% free to use), send an email to

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